Christmas Color By Note Music Theory Pages

I love bringing the holidays into music lessons! In addition to Christmas music, I like to give my students Christmas music theory printables because it helps them enjoy learning and frequently improves retention.

One of my students' favorite things is doing Color By Note pages. Through the months of October through December, I give them holiday Color By Note pages to help them recognize their notes, basic rhythms, and music symbols while coloring fun images. I frequently have students ask if they can take home multiple pages to color in a week!

This Color By Note Christmas bundle is just $9.99 and comes with a Studio License to help teachers save money. The Studio License allows you as a teacher to share these pages with any number of your own students through the coming years! 

All images are secular Christmas- or winter-related (no religious imagery included). Great for piano students or any other new musicians.

What Comes in the Christmas Color By Note Bundle?

This bundle includes 12 original music theory coloring pages, plus an Answer Key!

...10 Color By Note pages with Note Names...

  • 4 images with Treble notes E (bottom line) through F (top line)
  • 3 images with Bass notes G (bottom line) through Middle C
  • 1 image with Treble and Bass notes
  • 1 image with Treble Landmark Notes (CGC)
  • 1 image with Bass Landmark Notes (CGC)

Of the images above, 5 have only one note value (for example, all are whole notes/semibreves) while the other 5 include various note values for an added challenge. 

...As well as 2 Color By Note pages with Note Values / Rests...

  • 1 image with note values only (half/minim, quarter/crotchet, eighth/quaver)
  • 1 image with note values and rests (whole/semibreve, half/minim, quarter/crotchet, eighth/quaver)

...AND an Answer Key to make it even easier to check students' work.

Includes U.S. terms for note values and rests (whole, half, quarter, eighth)

Includes U.K. terms for note values and rests (semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver)

If your students are loving these, why not pick up some more? Check out my   Halloween Color By Note Bundle, (U.S.) Thanksgiving Color By Note Bundle, and Valentine Color By Note Bundle for more holiday pages! 

Interested in more Christmas music? Freshen up your sheet music library with some all-new piano sheet music arrangements of Christmas favorites.

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