About Music & Theory

Music and Theory is dedicated to providing the best in sheet music and music theory resources to teachers, students, and musicians around the world. The materials found here at Music and Theory are designed for music learners young and old, to enhance their educational experience, cultivate their musical skills, and foster a lifelong love of music. All materials are created by music teacher, composer, and arranger Brianne Lundberg, and they have all been tried, tested, and approved by music students and performing musicians worldwide.

Creator's Message

As a professional musician, I am surrounded by music. And yet, I often find it challenging to find that "perfect piece" students need from time to time. Over 15 years of teaching piano lessons, I still haven't found a theory curriculum that doesn't have significant gaps or leaps that lead to frustration or holes in a student's learning. While there are many amazing materials out there, I've yet to find my "Go-To" resource where I can always get exactly what I need.

After years of searching fruitlessly, I decided it was time to change things and start creating my own materials! To that end, I've put together a vast collection of original compositions, arrangements, historic works, and theory resources that have helped my own students and others to develop a strong foundation and love for music. My wonderful students have been faithful guinea pigs and have tried out every piece of music and resource that I've created. I am thrilled each time a student falls in love with a new piece or something finally "clicks" because of a new theory resource.

Years of teaching piano lessons have helped me understand what works and what doesn't for theory education, and I've spent countless hours creating, modifying, and perfecting each theory resource I use. My constant thirst for music coupled with my students' eager requests have lit a fire under me to compose and arrange as much music as humanly possible! As my music bins and folders are now overflowing, I'm going digital and sharing all I have with my fellow musicians and teachers.

I hope you will be pleased with what you find here and that you will check back often, as I am constantly creating, composing, arranging, and uploading new sheet music and theory resources. If you ever find yourself in a situation where I was, unable to find what you need, please reach out to me -- I'll be more than happy to create something custom for you!

Yours in Music,

Brianne Lundberg