Custom Music Arrangements and Compositions

How often do you look for sheet music, and you can't find what you want? 

How often do you struggle with sheet music that's too hard, too easy, the wrong style, or for the wrong instrument?

Maybe your children want to play a Christmas duet for the family, but one plays piano and the other plays clarinet. Do you wish you knew someone who could make you a custom Christmas piano and clarinet duet?

Maybe your sister asks your son to perform at her wedding, but he only started piano lessons a few months ago. Do you wish you had someone to who could make him a wedding song arrangement for easy piano?

Maybe you're a music teacher, and your student asks you, "Can I learn a song about unicorns?" or "Can you teach me Fur Elise?" (at their very first piano lesson). Do you wish someone could make you custom piano arrangements for any level?

Let Me Make Custom Sheet Music For You!

I want you to be able to enjoy the music you're looking for. When that "perfect piece" is impossible to find, I'd love to create it for you!

I am an experienced composer, arranger, and orchestrator, and I can make you custom music for Piano, Voice, Instrumental, Small Ensemble, or Large Ensemble/Choral.

Over the past 20 years I've created custom music for a wide variety of musicians and genres, including holiday, classical, religious, folk, contemporary, jazz, pop, rock, and country. Here are some of the custom sheet music arrangements and compositions I've made: 

  • Hundreds of Piano solos for beginner to advanced playing level.
  • Piano duets (for both teacher/student and evenly-leveled pianists)
  • Piano medleys of favorite pieces.
  • Multiple full Orchestrations for a 30-piece major city orchestra.
  • Choral arrangements (SATB, SSAA, etc.) for church and various performance venues.
  • Small ensemble, trios, and duets for a wide variety of instrument groups.
  • Vocal solos, duets, trios, and ensembles with piano accompaniments.
  • A Cappella vocal arrangements.
  • Back tracks for singers' albums.
  • Adding new vocal harmonies or instrument parts to already-existing music.

I've had every request imaginable -- a composition about kittens for a young beginner pianist, a Level 2 piano arrangement of Boccherini's Fandango, a string trio arrangement of the jazz standard "Autumn Leaves", a 9-part a cappella vocal composition, advanced level arrangements for small-handed pianists, a French horn part for a band arrangement that didn't have one, and more.

I would love to help you out with your custom music arrangement needs! Simply fill out the appropriate form below and I'll reach out to you to discuss your project. 

  • Custom Music Arrangement

  • Custom Music Composition

Custom Music Arrangement Request

Looking for an arrangement of a particular piece of music? I do this every day and would love to help you!

Prices start at $75 USD and vary per song, length, skill level, and complexity. 

Custom Arrangement Request

Most music published within the last 95 years in the USA is under copyright protection.

Arrangements for music not in the Public Domain require a "Permission to Arrange" license from the Copyright Holder (additional fees may apply). No permission is needed for Public Domain music.

* Please note: Arrangements for music not in the Public Domain require a "Permission to Arrange" license from the Copyright Holder (additional fees may apply).