Custom Music Arrangements and Compositions

How many times have you looked for an arrangement of a piece of music, only it couldn't be found? Or all the arrangements you could find were too hard, too easy, too boring, or written for the wrong instrument? 

How many times have piano students asked for something specific, like, "Can I learn a song about unicorns?" or "Do you have any music about superheros?" How many times have you teachers pulled out every single one of your performance pieces to choose for the next recital, but one of your students just doesn't like any of them?

You could always hope someone will eventually write the song or arrangement you want, and of course you can tell your students they need to spend years and years practicing until they're good enough to play the classics in their original form. But wouldn't you rather enjoy that music today?

I want to help as many people as possible experience music in a personal way by helping them enjoy and learn from the music they desire. When that "perfect piece" is impossible to find, I'd love to create it for you. 

Over the years I've had every kind of request imaginable for custom piano arrangements and compositions. Here are just a few examples:

  • A song about "snuggling with kittens" for a beginner student who just got a kitten and who knows only the notes around Middle C, loves black keys, and has only played melody only/5-finger pieces so far. 
  • A recital-ready piano arrangement for a first-year student, in C Major, with little or no hand movement, 2 pages only.
  • An intermediate level arrangement of a Christmas song, three or fewer sharps/flats in the key signature, with flowing accompaniment style, full chords (3 note-chords maximum).
  • Music
    An original duet for a teacher and late beginner student where both get the chance to play the melody.
  • Music
    An evenly-leveled duet for two beginner pianists to play together for fun while their parents are at their church study group. 
  • Music
    An advanced piano solo for a performance, in the style of Chopin's Nocturne in Eb Major, minimum 5 minutes in length.
  • Music
    A Halloweeny, "spooky-sounding", early intermediate composition with no intervals larger than a 7th (for small hands), etc.

I've also arranged/composed for voice and other instruments; for example:

  • Orchestrations for a 30-piece major city orchestra.
  • A clarinet/trombone duet for husband and wife to play together.
  • Vocal solo with piano accompaniment for a mezzo soprano.
  • Music
    Back tracks for singers' albums.
  • Music
    Choral arrangement (SATB) for a church choir performance.
  • Music
    Male/Female vocal duet with advanced piano accompaniment for a Holiday concert.

I have been arranging music for nearly 20 years for a wide variety of instruments and genres, including holiday, classical, religious, contemporary, pop, and more. I would love to help you out with your custom arrangement needs. Simply fill out the form below and I'll reach out to you to discuss your project. 

Custom Music

Prices vary per song, skill level, and complexity. 

Thank you for your request, and I will reach out to you shortly! 

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