• Scales and Arpeggios (Aristocats)


    Kitty music lesson with Marie and Berlioz from The Aristocats! Classic Disney meets Classical. This is a late elementary arrangement in C major, written in large print. Finger numbers are included to help with the scales and arpeggios.

    This arrangement may be performed as a piano solo or as a vocal accompaniment. If used for vocal accompaniment, the vocalist should read the Treble staff of the piano part (adjust octaves as necessary). Lyrics indicate which notes to follow.

    This version is written with traditional Grand Staff, RH in mid Treble range and LH in Bass Clef, but with both hands playing 8va for the majority of the music. Prefer reading clef changes instead of 8va? Get an alternate version with both hands reading Treble Clef for the majority of the music. (Sounds exactly the same as this version when played.)

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    This arrangement is available for Single User License only and may only be used by the person for whom it is purchased. Reproduction prohibited.

  • Moonlight Melancholy Halloween Piano Sheet Music

    Moonlight Melancholy


    By the soft light of a moonlit night, a melancholy strain resonates through a quiet cemetery as a lonely soul caresses the black and white keys. This technical composition is filled with broken chords led primarily by the Left Hand with cross-staff slurs for a more fluid movement.

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  • Old German Dance Piano Sheet Music

    Old German Dance


    This early level baroque piece is filled with stately call-and-response and lends itself well to interpretation with phrasing, dynamics, and articulations. I have included these interpretations in this edition and frequently use this piece to teach students how to transpose using various pentascales.

    * Music is in its original form with minor editorial changes.

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  • Spinning a Web Piano Sheet Music

    Spinning a Web


    Like a spider busily spinning its web, the fingers of the right hand chromatically spin their way up and down the keys. The Left Hand accompaniment is simple so that the beginner pianist can focus on fingering and speed in this chromatic composition.

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  • Creepy Chromatics Piano Sheet Music

    Creepy Chromatics


    Chromatic passages in the right hand feel like a spider spinning its web while supported by ominous three-note chords in the left hand. (Just keep an eye out for those tricky passages that look chromatic but aren’t!)

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