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Halloween Classical Piano Sheet Music

I don't know about you, but when September begins, my mind starts to turn to Halloween. This fun and spooky time of year is always begging for the perfect Halloween music to set the mood. And while I have an absolute blast writing original Halloween piano music, I always love turning to the classics. 

Many composers have written classical piano music that is perfect for Halloween. Whether you're looking for something to play for a fall piano recital or you're in the mood to play something spooky, dark, or dramatic, these classical pieces are just what you need.

Halloween Classical Piano Music - Original Classics

All of these Original Classics are historic works, reformatted and edited for readability and accessibility for today’s pianists. No more looking at tiny, cramped notes with old notation styles, misprints, ink bleeds, or handwritten pencil marks from a bygone piano teacher!

Grandmother Tells a Ghost Story (Op. 81 No. 3)
by Theodor Kullak

A chilling tale with stops, shocks, spooks, and a final eerie "nighty night”, Kullak's "Grandmother Tells a Ghost Story" is an amazingly fun Halloween piano piece.

Witches Dance (Op. 4 No. 2)
by Theodor Kullak

Broomsticks and magic spells run amok in the quick scale passages and lively dynamics found in Kullak's "Witches Dance", a popular Halloween classical piano number.

(Op. 100 No. 15)
by Friedrich Burgmüller

It may not have a frightful title, but don't let that fool you -- With its mysterious minor introduction and ending, Burgmüller's "Ballade" fits right into the Halloween season.

The Ghost in the Fireplace
(Op. 81 No. 10)
by Theodor Kullak

With repeating spooky chromatic passages, a waltz-like middle section, and sad lonely harmonic sixths, Kullak's "The Ghost in the Fireplace" is a classic Halloween piano piece.

Classical Halloween Piano Sheet Music Arrangements

These classical piano arrangements for Halloween are written in minor keys and will help any pianist get into the spirit of the holiday. The arrangements have been carefully written to achieve the best balance between the intended pianist's skill level and the original composer's intent. 

Funeral March
(Sonata 2 Mvt 3, Op. 35)
by Frédéric Chopin

Chopin’s "Funeral March" is intense, ominous, and Halloween ready! Beginners will love the drama of this arrangement and have plenty of fun scaring the neighbors.

In the Hall of the Mountain King piano sheet music

In the Hall of the Mountain King
(Peer Gynt Suite)
by Edvard Grieg

As Peer Gynt finds his way into the troll Mountain King’s hall, the energy and excitement build from whispered footsteps to a wild and chaotic finish in this Halloweeny favorite.

Nightfall Medley
by C. Gurlitt
and W. A. Mozart

Two themes famously recognized for their intense and dramatic energy, this early intermediate classical piano medley was made for Halloween.

Marche Slave (Slavic March for Orchestra Op. 31)
by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Serbo-Russian and minor sounds are the stars of this Tchaikovsky arrangement. Halloween is a great time to teach beginner piano music in minor keys.

Original Halloween Piano Music in Classical Style

As a classically trained pianist, I can't help but be influenced by classical composers in my own music. These pieces are my own original compositions that were inspired by classical music styles. 

by Brianne Lundberg

Lament is a deeply emotional piece for the late intermediate or early advanced pianist. Rolled chords, arpeggiation, and rubato make quite an expressive Halloween piano solo.

Moonlight Melancholy Halloween Piano Sheet Music

Moonlight Melancholy
by Brianne Lundberg

This technical etude is filled with broken chords and cross-staff slurs. A melancholy strain in the soft light of a moonlit cemetery is the epitome of sad Halloween piano music.

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