Lament is a deeply emotional piano solo written for the late intermediate or early advanced pianist. Broad rolled chords develop into a pained, heartfelt melody with arpeggiated accompaniment, which ultimately progresses into quick and fluid arpeggiation in the Left Hand and large, full chords in the Right Hand. Written as rubato with lots of room for interpretation, this piece is a wonderful opportunity to explore the depth of your musical expression. Lends itself well to a beautiful and emotional performance piece.

* Both Licenses come with 2 versions: 1 with suggested fingerings and 1 with no fingerings if you prefer to write in your own.

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Holiday, Halloween


Late Intermediate, Early Advanced


D minor



Teaching Tools

minor key, rubato, rolled chords, legato, ledger lines, tempo changes, ritardando, right hand bass, left hand treble, fermata, dynamics, arpeggios, cross hands, cross-staff movement, chord inversions, octave changes, tenuto, phrasing

Largest Interval (for hand span)

P8 (with full 4-note chords)


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