This is Halloween Easy Piano Sheet Music from Nightmare Before Christmas

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Have you ever wanted to learn the iconic Halloween song from the Tim Burton Disney film “The Nightmare Before Christmas”!

This easy piano arrangement of "This is Halloween" is perfect for early intermediate level pianists with a love of fun and spooky Halloween piano music.

Feel the excitement of Halloween as the music takes you through surprising transitions and key changes! The detached LH gives a steady pulse throughout as the RH transitions frequently from staccato to legato. A wide dynamic range give it a special thrill and makes it a great Halloween piano recital song--or even a spooky change of space at a Christmas piano recital!

With 5 pages of music written in clear and large print format, this is an easy-to-learn Halloween piano solo that is fun to play, impressive to hear, and spectacularly spooky!

Look and Listen below:

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Sheet Music Specs


Key / Tonal Center

Finger Numbers


Hand Size

Early Intermediate

(easy piano)

Frequently modulates

(no key signatures, all accidentals)




(largest harmonic interval is M6)

Sheet Music Preview Pages

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Educational elements you will find in this Nightmare Before Christmas This is Halloween piano sheet music:

  • Cut time
  • Rests
  • Accidentals (sharps, flats, naturals)
  • Staccatos
  • Slurs
  • Dynamics
  • Lifts
  • Modulation (key changes, with no key signatures)
  • Meter change
  • LH treble
  • Cross hands (changing octaves)
  • Ledger lines
  • 8vb
  • Fermata
  • Intervals (thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths)

This intermediate piano arrangement of "This is Halloween" is perfect for Halloween or Christmas!  Happy Holidays!

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