Over the River and Through the Wood (Beginner)


This fun Thanksgiving carol is arranged here for beginner piano. The melody, which spans one octave, is played entirely by the RH. This small amount of hand movement for RH is made easier with occasional finger numbers to guide the finger patterns. The LH accompaniment style is simple harmonic dyads (tied long tones) in traditional C Major Position, with the occasional finger extension and some movement at the end. This beginner arrangement helps beginners learn to get out of 5-finger hand positions without being overly challenging.

Please note: Differences in notes/rhythms for the additional verse have not been written in. Rhythms and notes may be adjusted on the additional verse to accommodate words of different lengths.

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Additional information


Holiday, Thanksgiving (U.S.)




C Major


2 plus repeat

Teaching Tools

fingering crossovers, finger extension, hand movement (mostly RH only), seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, ties, repeat, accidental (one sharp), 5-finger hand position (LH only)

Largest Interval (for hand span)



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