Bundle: Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and Pilgrim Girl and Boy


Looking for some fun Thanksgiving piano music for Turkey Day? This Studio-Licensed Bundle contains 2 original holiday compositions for beginners!

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot: A playful swinging composition about the Turkey Trot — not the people race on Thanksgiving morning, but the turkey race to escape the farmer! The slowest runnin’ turkey will be served for Thanksgiving dinner, so when the farmer comes a-callin’, the turkeys start a-haulin’! This bouncy, fun, and educational piece is perfect for mid to late beginner turkey lovers this Thanksgiving season. Purchase separately here.

Pilgrim Girl and Boy: A call-and-response type piece about Pilgrim children and what their lives might have been like, with girls baking bread, boys apprenticing in a trade, and both working hard, attending church, playing together, and of course, enjoying Thanksgiving dinner! The music has a memorable rhythm and is perfect for helping beginners stretch and get out of 5-finger hand positions without being overly challenging. Purchase separately here.

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This product comes with a Studio License that allows you as a Teacher to share this copy with any number of your own students. (May not be shared with other teachers or non-students.)

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Additional information


Holiday, Thanksgiving (U.S.)




Thanksgiving Turkey Trot = D Major, Pilgrim Girl and Boy = F Major


Thanksgiving Turkey Trot = 1 page, Pilgrim Girl and Boy = 2 pages

Teaching Tools

cut time, call and response, unison, hand movement, sixths, thirds, skips, steps, sevenths, fourths, key signature, dynamics, parallel motion, contrary motion, LH melody, pick-up, swing rhythm, articulations, staccatos, ledger lines, thumb under, hand movement

Largest Interval (for hand span)

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot = P4, Pilgrim Girl and Boy = m7


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