Intervals: An Introduction Packet


This studio-licensed packet introduces students to Music Intervals. It teaches simple numerical Intervals (2nds through Octaves) in a way that is easy to understand – on the Staff, on the Piano White Keys, and by Note Names. Created for students of All Ages (children and adults).

Comes as one PDF digital download.

Packet includes:

  • 2 Instruction pages
  • 8 worksheets:
    • 3 naming Intervals on staff
    • 1 naming Intervals on white keys of piano
    • 1 naming Intervals with note names (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)
    • 3 combining all of the above
  • 2 “At A Glance” pages (helpful clues to identify intervals quickly without having to count lines and spaces!)
  • ANSWER KEYS for all 8 worksheets

* Various note values included (whole notes, half notes, quarter notes).

* All pages are written in black & white / grayscale. No color ink required.

This Product comes with a studio license that allows you as a teacher to share these pages with any number of your own students through the coming years. May not be shared with other teachers or non-students.

Get over 100 Intervals worksheets in the full Introduction to Intervals Collection!

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Additional information



Theory Pages

12 pages, plus Answer Keys (total print count including cover: 15 pages)

What It Teaches

– How to identify simple intervals – 2nds through Octaves (8ths)
– Numerical intervals only (no interval qualities)
– On-staff harmonic interval recognition (melodic intervals included in Harmonic vs. Melodic Intervals Packet as well as in each Numerical Interval packet)
– On-staff intervals as different note values (whole, half, quarter notes)
– Intervals on the piano white keys
– Intervals with note names
– "At a Glance" clues to help you recognize intervals instantly!


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