• What Child Is This? (Easy Piano Solo)


    This beautiful English folk song is arranged as an early intermediate piano solo in A minor. Graceful and smooth, it’s a great choice for a holiday performance.

    The single user license does not include lyrics.
    The studio license comes with two versions: one with lyrics, one without. Both sound the same when played.

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  • What Child Is This? (Advanced Piano Solo)


    The beautiful English folk melody “Greensleeves” was immortalized as a Christmas carol by William Chatterton Dix. This arrangement for late intermediate to early advanced piano features a somber sound supported by more minor chords than are commonly used with this melody. The arrangement begins simply and grows in complexity; at its climax, rolled chords and rich harmonies are supported by moving LH arpeggios that eventually transition back to the simpler style of the beginning. It is perfect for a holiday church service or Christmas performance.

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