• AVATAR: The Last Airbender (Main Theme)


    Enjoy the music of Aang’s incredible story with this intermediate piano solo arrangement of the main theme from the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” TV series. The music takes you through a range of emotions, from the loneliness and struggles he faces through to the fantastic power of his bending and the triumph of his success in establishing peace among the elemental kingdoms.

    This is an early intermediate piano arrangement, perfect for a performance piece. Recommended for pianists who can comfortably reach harmonic octaves with one note in the middle (example: harmonic D-A-D).

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    This arrangement is available for Single User License only and may only be used by the person for whom it is purchased. Reproduction prohibited.

  • Tarantula Tango


    Tarantula Tango is a dramatic tango intermediate piano solo in E minor. Classic tango LH rhythms and moving RH passages, harmonies, and chords combine to create a fun and memorable piece. Intermediate pianists will love the triplets and chromatic passages. Great for a Halloween performance or recital piece.

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  • Sneaky Black Cat


    Any cat lover will have a blast playing this late beginner original composition. Sneaky Black Cat exhibits very cat-like behavior, with unexpected trills, dynamic changes, staccatos, accents, and more. It really feels like a cat walking and pouncing along the piano keys. Sneaky Black Cat is a great beginner piano piece for Halloween or any time of year.

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  • Spooky Spectres


    At the clang of a mysterious ringing bell, spooky spectres slowly rise from the ground… Before long, the tones of their ghoulish delight can be heard in cacophonous chords and swinging staccato singsong, which gradually compounds and accelerates to supernatural speeds until, with a final clang, the bell calls the spectres back to their resting places.

    Spooky Spectres is a delightful Halloween piece that explores a wide range of musicality for the intermediate pianist, including meter changes, tempo changes, LH melody, precise articulations, and more. It combines the best of a full, advanced musical sound with the spooky fun of the Halloween season. A real crowd pleaser, Spooky Spectres is a great piece to perform, teach, and play just for fun!

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  • Moonlight Melancholy Halloween Piano Sheet Music

    Moonlight Melancholy


    By the soft light of a moonlit night, a melancholy strain resonates through a quiet cemetery as a lonely soul caresses the black and white keys. This technical composition is filled with broken chords led primarily by the Left Hand with cross-staff slurs for a more fluid movement.

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