Spooky Spectres


At the clang of a mysterious ringing bell, spooky spectres slowly rise from the ground… Before long, the tones of their ghoulish delight can be heard in cacophonous chords and swinging staccato singsong, which gradually compounds and accelerates to supernatural speeds until, with a final clang, the bell calls the spectres back to their resting places.

Spooky Spectres is a delightful Halloween piece that explores a wide range of musicality for the intermediate pianist, including meter changes, tempo changes, LH melody, precise articulations, and more. It combines the best of a full, advanced musical sound with the spooky fun of the Halloween season. A real crowd pleaser, Spooky Spectres is a great piece to perform, teach, and play just for fun!

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Additional information


Holiday, Halloween


Intermediate/Late Intermediate


E minor



Teaching Tools

Meter changes, tempo changes, pedaling, articulations, staccato, slurs, phrasing, accelerando, cross-staff slurs, Left Hand treble, LH melody, swing rhythm, march style, arpeggios, chords (Em), dynamics, fade-out ending, ledger lines, fermata

Largest Interval (for hand span)

P8 (with full 4-note chords)


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