• What Child Is This? (Advanced Piano Solo)


    The beautiful English folk melody “Greensleeves” was immortalized as a Christmas carol by William Chatterton Dix. This arrangement for late intermediate to early advanced piano features a somber sound supported by more minor chords than are commonly used with this melody. The arrangement begins simply and grows in complexity; at its climax, rolled chords and rich harmonies are supported by moving LH arpeggios that eventually transition back to the simpler style of the beginning. It is perfect for a holiday church service or Christmas performance.

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  • We Three Kings Piano Sheet Music

    We Three Kings (Intermediate Piano Solo)


    This flowing arrangement embraces the medieval sound of this Christmas carol while adding modern elements. The accompaniment feels like traveling on camelback across the desert sands, while the melody builds from a single note strain into grand, ascending chords that reflect the majesty of the three kings bearing gifts to the Christ child.

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