• Go Down Moses


    This arrangement of Go Down Moses begins slowly and solemnly, then quickly ramps up into a fast boogie woogie swing that is an absolute blast to play. Experienced pianists will love the swinging rhythms, syncopation, exciting chord harmonies, and rapid blues scales in this performance showstopper.

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  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Intermediate Piano Solo)


    This intermediate arrangement is for pianists who love a big, fast sound! It begins with a dramatic feel, a bold RH bass melody in F minor supported by deep open octaves in LH. Open octaves and fifths continue throughout, with sporadic chord harmonies and contemporary progressions to balance the fast-moving melody. The climax builds in intensity to a rising key change before settling mysteriously into a deep, somber finish. This arrangement makes a flashy Holiday performance showpiece.

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  • Banshee Boogie


    This fun, fast, foot-stomping boogie is perfect for a pianist looking to liven up the party. Written in F melodic minor, Banshee Boogie tells the story of an individual who comes across a banshee late a night when suddenly, she starts to dance…and before you know it, you’re joining in! Syncopated rhythms, upbeat stomps, tricky key signature, and tone clusters are sure to make this piece a fun challenge for early intermediate students during Halloween season. Great choice for a lively fall recital piece!

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