• Puck by Grieg simplified piano sheet music

    Puck (Grieg) – Simplified Piano


    This is an elementary piano arrangement of Grieg’s lyric piece “Puck”, all about the mischievous little kobold (or nisse/tomte) creature from Norwegian folklore. These fairy tale gnome-like creatures protect the family they live with from evil and misfortune, and even help with chores — unless they’re insulted, in which case they will play tricks, steal, or punish in other ways. Puck is a playful but easily offended creature, so one must please them with gifts to prevent their mischief!

    This piano arrangement perfectly captures the mood of Grieg’s original music, at a level that is comfortably playable for later beginners. Enjoy the delightful contrast between staccato and slurred passages, with dance-like runs and hops. A fun performance piece in a minor key!

  • Russian Trepak (Nutcracker Suite Ballet) – Beginner Piano Ensemble


    An exciting classical Christmas ensemble number written for 1 Piano, 4 Elementary/Beginner students, and 1 Teacher. Teacher plays throughout while Beginner students take turns.

    Student parts may be taught by rote.


    • Full Score (4 pages) — standard for performance use or reference
    • Student parts (2 pages) — large print for new readers, for 2 hands on 1 Treble Staff (may also be taught by rote)
    • Student parts with alpha notes (2 pages) — same as above, but with alpha notes (may also be taught by rote)
    • Teacher part (2 pages) — for convenient practice or performance use

    This ensemble piece can also be adapted for 1, 2, or 3 students (Students would need to play more than one section.)

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    This product comes with a studio license that allows you as a teacher to share this copy with any number of your own students. May not be shared with other teachers or non-students.

  • Nutcracker March (Elementary Piano Solo)


    This arrangement of the popular Nutcracker March is perfect for elementary pianists! Set in C Major to minimize the amount of sharps, this beginner-friendly arrangement celebrates the full opening fanfare and answering singsong rhythms. This is a great choice for a beginner Christmas or classical holiday recital piece.

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  • Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Easy Piano)


    Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is an organ masterpiece that has withstood the test of time. Centuries later, audiences everywhere are wowed by Bach’s music! This easy piano arrangement is perfect for late elementary to early intermediate piano and covers many major themes from both the Toccata and the Fugue. 6 pages long, this arrangement is a fantastic and impressive performance piece.

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  • Spectral Waltz


    This ghostly waltz calls forth an otherworldly chill from your piano keys. Mysterious and slightly sad, this waltz in A minor makes a fine Halloween piece but can easily be enjoyed any time of year. LH melody with RH pulses on beats 2 and 3 of each measure create a beautiful contemporary 2-hand waltz in classical style, supported by expressive dynamics and strategic pedal. Perfect for late beginner to early intermediate level.

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  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Beginner Piano)


    Many beginner pianists are frustrated by too-challenging arrangements of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. This desperately needed authentic beginner piano arrangement captures the essence of this Nutcracker piece with single-note RH melody accompanied by carefully chosen LH harmonies. Perfect for Christmas and for ballet- and classical-loving beginners, this arrangement helps develop strong note reading (especially smaller intervals and accidentals), staccato playing, lifts, and hand movement.

    • The Single User License has most of the melody written near the top of the Treble Staff. (First 2 page previews.)
    • The Studio License comes with 2 versions:
      1. Single User Licensed version
      2. A second copy with the melody written one octave lower near Middle C, with 8va lines, for the benefit of students who are more familiar with reading this note range. (See final page preview marked “8va”.) Both versions sound the same when played.

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  • Funeral March (Chopin) (Beginner)


    One of the most recognizable and ominous-sounding classical themes, this theme from Chopin’s Funeral March is Halloween ready! Beginners will love the drama of this intense music, arranged here with steady repeating LH minor 2nds and RH melody that occasionally changes octaves or adds a few simple harmony notes. With dynamics ranging pianissimo to fortissimo, this piece helps beginner pianists develop interpretation, expression, and performance skills while having plenty of fun scaring the neighbors.

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