Puck (Grieg) – Simplified Piano


This is an elementary piano arrangement of Grieg’s lyric piece “Puck”, all about the mischievous little kobold (or nisse/tomte) creature from Norwegian folklore. These fairy tale gnome-like creatures protect the family they live with from evil and misfortune, and even help with chores — unless they’re insulted, in which case they will play tricks, steal, or punish in other ways. Puck is a playful but easily offended creature, so one must please them with gifts to prevent their mischief!

This piano arrangement perfectly captures the mood of Grieg’s original music, at a level that is comfortably playable for later beginners. Enjoy the delightful contrast between staccato and slurred passages, with dance-like runs and hops. A fun performance piece in a minor key!

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Additional information


Classical, Halloween


Late Elementary/Beginner


A minor



Teaching Tools

minor key, cut time, dynamics, ledger lines, accidentals, staccato, slurs, lifts, accents, cross hands, pedal, LH melody, hand movement, fingering, steps, seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths

Largest Interval (for hand span)



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