When I Grow Up (Matilda the Musical)


This playful piece from Matilda the Musical explores how children see grown ups and all that they imagine they will be able to do when they’re grown up. With a driving beat and a perfect balance between lightheartedness and solemnity, “When I Grow Up” is a fantastic and engaging modern musical theatre piece.

This arrangement is in the original key (F major) and can be performed either as a piano solo or as a vocal accompaniment. It is written in the same style as the original, only easier to make it playable for an early to mid intermediate pianist. Chord symbols are included. This arrangement is of the full piece ending with the verse originally written for Miss Honey (does not include Matilda’s part immediately after that begins with the lyrics: “Just because you find that life’s not fair…”) If used for vocal accompaniment, the vocalist should read the Treble staff of the piano part. Lyrics indicate which notes to follow. Lower harmonies are generally meant to be played by the pianist (not sung).

This arrangement is available for Single User License only and may only be used by the person for whom it is purchased. Reproduction prohibited.

Additional information


Musical Theatre




F Major – ends in B-flat Lydian Mode (same key signature)


4 plus repeats

Teaching Tools

swing, syncopation, rhythm, dotted eighth notes, chord guide, repeat with 2nd ending, staccato, accidentals, fermata, LH treble, thirds, fifths, sixths, sevenths, seconds, ritardando, rests, modal music

Largest Interval (for hand span)



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