Tribute to Rachmaninoff (Beginner-Teacher Duet)


Even a new beginner pianist can appreciate the beautiful complexity of Rachmaninoff’s music. This duet is a medley of two of Rachmaninoff’s most popular Preludes (C# minor and G minor) and is written for an early beginner (Primo) and teacher or intermediate level pianist (Secondo). Strategically transposed to A minor for ease in learning, the Secondo pianist plays the deep accompaniment tones while the Primo pianist plays the main melody for a balanced taste of the original full, resonant pieces. Perfect for a new pianist’s recital performance.

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This product comes with a Studio License that allows you as a Teacher to share this copy with any number of your own students. (May not be shared with other teachers or non-students.)

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Additional information




Early Beginner (Primo), Early Intermediate (Secondo)


A minor, D minor (no key signature)


4 total (2 pages per duet part)

Teaching Tools

5-finger hand position (Middle C), finger extension, accidentals (flats and sharps), staccato, minor key, steps, skips, dynamics, tempo changes

Largest Interval (for hand span)



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