Jolly Old St. Nicholas (Beginner Piano Ensemble)


This fun beginner piano ensemble is a Christmas hit! Written for 1 Piano, 1 Teacher, and however many beginner students you want — Teacher plays throughout while Beginners take turns hopping in. Every beginner part is the same and can easily be taught by rote.

May be performed as a duet (1 Beginner, 1 Teacher) or ensemble (2 or more Beginners, 1 Teacher).


  • Performance suggestions (1 page) — Prop ideas and performance suggestions for a fun holiday performance number!
  • Full Score (2 pages) — standard for performance use or reference
  • Student part (1 page) — large print with alpha notes for new readers, for 1 hand on 1 Treble Staff (may also be taught by rote)
  • Teacher part (1 page) — for convenient practice or performance use
  • Full Score (1 page version) — for reference

Listen to Sample

This product comes with a Studio License that allows you as a Teacher to share this copy with any number of your own students. (May not be shared with other teachers or non-students.)

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Additional information


Holiday, Christmas


Early Beginner (Student part), Intermediate to Late Intermediate (Teacher part)


C Major


6 (See product description)

Teaching Tools

Student part: cut time, swing rhythm, Steps, Skips, Alpha Notes, staccatos, quarter notes (crotchets), half notes (minims), whole notes (semibreves), repeat with 2nd ending

Largest Interval (for hand span)

M3 (Student part), P8 (Teacher part)


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