Goodnight, My Someone (The Music Man)


This love song lullaby from Meredith Willson’s famous musical “The Music Man” is a sweetly waltzing melody perfect for either parted lovers or lovers who have yet to meet. This is an easy piano arrangement in C major, with a temporary key change to F major for the middle section. Best for early intermediate pianists and great for all ages! It performs well as a piano solo but may also be used as a simple vocal accompaniment. If used for vocal accompaniment, the vocalist should read the Treble staff of the piano part. (lyrics indicate which notes to follow). Lower harmonies are meant to be played by the pianist (not sung).

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Additional information


Film, Musical Theatre


Early Intermediate


C Major/F Major


3 plus repeat

Teaching Tools

pick-up, waltz style, repeat with 2nd ending, key change, thirds, sixths, seconds, accidentals, ritardando

Largest Interval (for hand span)

m7 with one instance of P8 (may be played with both hands)


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