Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Easy Piano Duet)


This is an easy piano duet in C Major, perfect for 2 mid to late beginner pianists (2-hand, 1 piano). Evenly leveled duet for 2 elementary level pianists.

The music is written in traditional Grand Staff format (LH bass, RH treble) and all notes are within typical reading range (G2 to C5) for both parts, with an indication for Secondo to be played one octave lower and Primo to be played one octave higher. Secondo and Primo parts are written on their own separate pages and lined up accordingly.

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Additional information


Christmas, Holiday, Rags – Jazz – Blues, Pop


Mid-to-Late Beginner (both parts, evenly leveled duet)


C Major


2 per duet part (4 pages total)

Teaching Tools

pick-up, rhythm, syncopation, ties, dotted rhythms, accidental (one sharp), swing rhythm, hand movement, ledger lines (only a few), ritardando, fermata, rolled chord (primo only), dynamics, seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths

Largest Interval (for hand span)



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