A Minor Adagio


A Minor Adagio is a beginner level piece that is the epitome of adagio – slow, solemn, and expressive. It is comprised of chords with the highest chord tone carrying the melodic line. Each chord has only 3 keys played simultaneously between the 2 hands, and all the intervals are either 2nds or 3rds. Combined with the steady rhythm and pattern-based transitions, this piece is very approachable for beginner pianists, yet it does not feel or sound “simple”. The minor key and dynamics that range from pianississimo to forte encourage a mature depth of musical expression. A Minor Adagio is an excellent selection especially for those interested in learning to play classical music and traditional hymns.

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Additional information


Classical, Contemporary


Mid-Late Beginner


A minor



Teaching Tools

minor key, triads (A minor), slurs, ties, thirds, accidentals, ledger lines, dynamics, phrasing, 5-finger Hand Position, hand movement (minimal), one crossover

Largest Interval (for hand span)

M3 (with one P5 in the final major triad)


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