• Drunken Sailor Sea Shanty (Beginner Piano)


    “What shall we do with a drunken sailor?” This famous sea shanty is arranged here for easy piano. No lyrics, only music. Great for teaching cut time, sea shanties, and dorian mode.

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  • Arabian Nights (Aladdin) – Easy Piano


    The iconic intro from Disney’s animated feature film “Aladdin”! This is an “easy piano” arrangement. 3 pages (plus cover). Large print. Best for late elementary pianists. Features A minor/double harmonic minor scale (Egyptian minor). Includes multiple accidentals and triplets. Some finger numbers are included and are well suited to small handspans (largest harmonic interval is M6; includes some larger melodic stretches).

    This arrangement may be performed as a piano solo or as a vocal accompaniment. If used for vocal accompaniment, the vocalist should follow the lyrics and melody along with the piano. Lyrics indicate which notes to follow.

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    This arrangement is available for Single User License only and may only be used by the person for whom it is purchased. Reproduction prohibited.

  • Star of the County Down (Irish Folk Song)


    For ages, men have been smitten by the beauty of Irish cailin and “star of the county down” Rose McCann! This lovely arrangement of the famous Irish folk song is written for mid- to late beginner pianists. This music is perfect for a spring recital, St. Patrick’s Day, celebration of Ireland, or for the enjoyment of any musician looking to learn some authentic irish folk music. All lyrics included on 2nd page.

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  • A Ya Zain (Egyptian Folk Song)


    This beautiful Egyptian melody is arranged here in Middle C Position for early pianists. It introduces new pianists to the arresting feel of music based on the Phrygian dominant scale, commonly heard in both Arabic and Egyptian music. Accidentals, slurs, lifts, and harmony at the end add musical complexity to this otherwise simple single-note melody arrangement.

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  • Sakura Sakura Piano Sheet Music

    Sakura, Sakura (Japanese Folk Song) – Beginner


    This traditional Japanese folk song highlights the fragrant pink cherry blossoms that cover the landscape of Japan in spring. This beginner arrangement emphasizes the unique melody with simple accompaniment. Hand movement, dynamics, and other music symbols give it an element of complexity to make it look and sound impressive for recitals and performances.

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