• St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning: Studio Elementary Bundle


    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this lovely Irish folk song!

    This fantastic Studio Elementary Bundle includes 5 arrangements of “St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning” at various elementary difficulty levels, and all of them Studio Licensed! This collection is perfect for Teachers who want to share traditional Irish music with their students, whether in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day or simply to appreciate the lively folk music of Ireland.

    Includes 5 Elementary Piano Arrangements:

    1. Early Elementary (C Major)
    • 2-hand Melody
    • 3/4 time
    • Middle C range
    • One position (no movement around the keys)
    2 copies: one showing standard rests and one with all rests hidden

    2-3. Mid Elementary (2 Arrangements)
    • Version 1: D Major – Middle C range with Bass ledger lines
    • Version 2: G Major – Both hands reading Treble staff
    • 2-hand Melody
    • 6/8 time
    • One position (no movement around the keys)

    4. Mid to Late Elementary (C Major)
    • Melody and Accompaniment
    • 6/8 time
    • Treble ledger lines
    • Some RH movement around the keys

    5. Late Elementary (G Major)
    • Melody and Accompaniment
    • 6/8 time
    • Repeat signs with 1st and 2nd endings
    • RH regularly moves around the keys

    Listen to Samples

    This product comes with a Studio License that allows you as a Teacher to share this copy with any number of your own students. (May not be shared with other teachers or non-students.)

  • Li’l Liza Jane


    Li’l Liza Jane is a music standard that has been adapted in a variety of genres, including jazz, bluegrass, folk, and rock. This rendition for late beginner to early intermediate students is fast and lively! It may be played in a quick 4/4 meter or even an energetic cut time feel. Rests on the downbeats in the chorus light a fire under the fingers and make it feel like a dance number.

    Listen to Sample