• Color By Note: 4th of July Bundle


    Celebrate American Independence Day with 6 “Color By Note” music theory pages of 4th of July/USA-related images to help musicians identify note names and rhythm values!

    All images are hand-drawn and have been enthusiastically received by students in my own music studio and others.

    Comes as one PDF digital download.

    Bundle includes:

    • 4 Color By Note pages with Note Names*:
      • 1 image with Treble Middle C through E (bottom line)
      • 1 image with Treble E (bottom line) through C (3rd space)
      • 1 image with Bass C (2nd space) through F (4th line)
      • 1 image with Bass G (top space) through Middle C
    • 2 Color By Note pages with Rhythm Values:
      • 1 image with note values (whole, half, quarter, eighth)
      • 1 image with rest values (whole, half, quarter)
    • COLORED ANSWER KEY included!

    * 2 note-name images have only one note value while the other 2 images have a variety of note values for an added challenge.

    All theory pages are in black & white / grayscale. No color ink required. (Color ink recommended for printing Answer Key.)

    This Product comes with a studio license that allows you as a teacher to share these pages with any number of your own students through the coming years. May not be shared with other teachers or non-students.

  • My Country, ‘Tis of Thee (Beginner)


    This stately patriotic song arrangement for beginner piano allows new pianists to play a favorite American song. It is arranged for 2-hand piano, with RH melody and LH accompaniment comprised of mainly simple harmonic intervals centered around C Major Position.

    Listen to Sample

  • America the Beautiful (Easy Piano Solo)


    “From sea to shining sea!”, America the Beautiful is a favorite American patriotic piece. This arrangement for late beginner pianists is an easy piano solo perfect for a summer performance. Requested by a student who wanted to play a “flowy version”, this arrangement is accompanied by broken LH chords and has beautiful dynamic contrast that make for an inspirational patriotic performance.

    Listen to Sample

  • Yankee Doodle


    “Yankee Doodle” dates back at least to the American Revolution, and the tune may be centuries older than that. The familiar tune lends itself well to teaching a new pianist dotted quarter note rhythms. This arrangement uses primary chords to support the catchy melody.

    Listen to Sample

  • America the Beautiful Piano Sheet Music

    America the Beautiful


    From the California Coast to the harbors of Maine, America the Beautiful stands as a symbol of American patriotism. Perfect for the 4th of July (or any day of the year!), this arrangement embodies the patriotic spirit with bold dynamics and full four-note chords that inspire a bright future of freedom and brotherhood.

    Listen to Sample