• Color By Note: 4th of July Bundle


    Celebrate American Independence Day with 6 “Color By Note” music theory pages of 4th of July/USA-related images to help musicians identify note names and rhythm values!

    All images are hand-drawn and have been enthusiastically received by students in my own music studio and others.

    Comes as one PDF digital download.

    Bundle includes:

    • 4 Color By Note pages with Note Names*:
      • 1 image with Treble Middle C through E (bottom line)
      • 1 image with Treble E (bottom line) through C (3rd space)
      • 1 image with Bass C (2nd space) through F (4th line)
      • 1 image with Bass G (top space) through Middle C
    • 2 Color By Note pages with Rhythm Values:
      • 1 image with note values (whole, half, quarter, eighth)
      • 1 image with rest values (whole, half, quarter)
    • COLORED ANSWER KEY included!

    * 2 note-name images have only one note value while the other 2 images have a variety of note values for an added challenge.

    All theory pages are in black & white / grayscale. No color ink required. (Color ink recommended for printing Answer Key.)

    This Product comes with a studio license that allows you as a teacher to share these pages with any number of your own students through the coming years. May not be shared with other teachers or non-students.

  • My Country, ‘Tis of Thee (Beginner)


    This stately patriotic song arrangement for beginner piano allows new pianists to play a favorite American song. It is arranged for 2-hand piano, with RH melody and LH accompaniment comprised of mainly simple harmonic intervals centered around C Major Position.

    Listen to Sample

  • America the Beautiful (Easy Piano Solo)


    “From sea to shining sea!”, America the Beautiful is a favorite American patriotic piece. This arrangement for late beginner pianists is an easy piano solo perfect for a summer performance. Requested by a student who wanted to play a “flowy version”, this arrangement is accompanied by broken LH chords and has beautiful dynamic contrast that make for an inspirational patriotic performance.

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  • Yankee Doodle Rag


    This arrangement of Yankee Doodle is an early advanced ragtime piano solo. Ragtime music is one of America’s great contributions to the music world, and this American patriotic rag does not disappoint! Perfect for a patriotic performance or summer recital, Yankee Doodle Rag is riddled with ragged rhythms, chromatic play, and classic LH stride piano. Early advanced pianists will love two-stepping with this fun patriotic piano solo.

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  • You're a Grand Old Flag Piano Sheet Music

    You’re a Grand Old Flag


    This spirited American patriotic march is a great piece for a developing pianist to master. In this arrangement, the right hand carries the energetic melody while the left hand plays in steady march style accompaniment.

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  • America the Beautiful Piano Sheet Music

    America the Beautiful


    From the California Coast to the harbors of Maine, America the Beautiful stands as a symbol of American patriotism. Perfect for the 4th of July (or any day of the year!), this arrangement embodies the patriotic spirit with bold dynamics and full four-note chords that inspire a bright future of freedom and brotherhood.

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