• Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett (Main Theme)


    This piano solo arrangement of Ludwig Goransson’s Main Title theme from “The Book of Boba Fett” Disney+ TV series includes all musical passages from the main theme. Perfect for any Star Wars fan, it captures the epic feeling of the percussion, vocals, and orchestra through the use of percussive left hand patterns, ringing chord harmonies, and strategic pedaling, articulations, and dynamics.

    This is an intermediate piano solo arrangement in G minor, best for mid-to-later intermediate pianists. 5 pages (plus cover). The largest harmonic interval is an octave (includes some full 4-note chords).

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    This arrangement is available for Single User License only and may only be used by the person for whom it is purchased. Reproduction prohibited.

  • Taran-Tango


    Taran-Tango is a flashy showpiece piano solo for late intermediate to early advanced level. It smoothly blends together Tarantella and Tango rhythms into an exciting dance filled with polyrhythms. Played allegro con fuoco, this original composition is a fantastically energetic performance piece.

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  • Trick-or-Treating


    Trick-or-Treating captures the playful spirit of Halloween. Staccato passages feel like mischievous children in costume tiptoeing from house to house (will they play a trick or get a treat?!), followed by dramatic unisons, octaves, and full four-note chords that absolutely scream, “THIS IS HALLOWEEN!” This late intermediate to early advanced Halloween piano solo is perfect for a Halloween recital piece or and will get everyone in the mood for something delightfully spooky!

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  • Downfall


    This dramatic piano solo is surprisingly easy to play! Especially written for teens and preteens, this original contemporary piece has a dark and foreboding feel reminiscent of fantasy, video games, adventure, war — you name it! Heavily pattern based, Downfall’s form is easy to follow with repeated moving RH eighth note passages supported by deep, long octave tones in the LH. It can be quickly and easily learned even by beginner pianists. This composition is sure to impress and is fulfilling as either a performance piece or for personal enjoyment.

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