• Springtime Daisies (for One-Hand Piano)


    Springtime Daisies is an original piano solo for one-hand piano: it can be played entirely by Left Hand or Right Hand! Pedal and careful fingering strategies make it sound like a traditional two-hand piece, but with all the impressive showmanship of playing it one-handed. This beautiful, graceful intermediate piano solo was originally composed for a student who broke a finger and needed a new piece for a piano recital. It’s an excellent learning challenge and a fantastic performance number.

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  • Groundhog Day


    A song all about Groundhog Day! This fun holiday piece teaches mid to late beginner pianists all about Punxsutawney Phil and February 2nd. While learning about the holiday, students will also learn cut time, F Major chords, repeating minor 2nds, and slur-staccato lifts to strengthen their playing skills.

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