• Goin’ Campin’


    If you’ve ever gone camping, it’s easy to recall the fun memories of playing in the lake, making s’mores, and setting up your tent together for a night under the stars. This early beginner piece is full of cheerful energy and is great for early beginners who are learning to play eighth notes and sharps. Some beginners may even want to swing the eighths like a campfire singalong.

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  • Quietude


    Quietude is the essence of calm and peacefulness. This original contemporary piece brings quiet calm amid the stresses of life.
    The steady stepwise RH melody is embellished by LH alternating bass and treble tones, and the challenge of the LH crossovers is balanced by a slower tempo and simple chord structure. Quietude is pattern based for ease in learning for late beginner to early intermediate pianists of all ages.

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