• Alpine Symphony: Entering the Forest by Richard Strauss piano sheet music

    Alpine Symphony: Entering the Forest (R. Strauss) – Elementary Piano


    You enter a dark, scary forest. The trees are huge and block out the sun. It seems like danger is lurking behind every tree and the whole world is about to close in on you…But then you find your way to a sunny clearing. The sun streams through the tree branches, and you hear birds singing merrily. Your fear dissipates as the forest becomes warm, inviting, and peaceful.

    This is the “Eintritt in den Wald” or “Entry into the Forest” theme from Richard Strauss’s epic tone poem “Alpine Symphony”. This elementary piano arrangement begins dramatically in C minor, builds in intensity, and then the mood suddenly shifts for a calmer, more peaceful ending in C Major. This arrangement uses an extensive key range with octave changes, cross-hand arpeggios, and pedal for a grand, full sound. Best for mid to late beginner level and a fantastic choice for a recital piece.

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  • Ballade (Burgmüller)


    Burgmüller’s “Ballade” is a popular piece with interesting contrasting musical themes. This newly revised edition is ideal for early intermediate students and develops musical interpretation skills as well as finger technique (especially for the left hand). Because of its mysterious minor introduction and ending, it’s a great choice for a Halloween or fall piano recital piece.

    All Original Classics are historic works, reformatted and edited for readability and accessibility for today’s pianists.

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